Ford Eco Boost

Ford EcoBoost Engine Technology Available in Countryside, IL

Ford-ecoboost-engine.pngDrivers in the Countryside, IL area looking for modern performance and efficiency in a vehicle used to be out of luck. Most drivers either had to choose compact vehicles with tiny engines to save on gas, or drive a gas-guzzler that cost a fortune to keep on the road. The engineers at Ford found the solution to the problem and combined the efficiency of a compact model with the performance of a full-size with the EcoBoost line of engines.


What is Ford EcoBoost Engine Technology?


Ford EcoBoost technology is what happens when engineers at Ford combine turbocharging and direct fuel injection to 'boost' performance and efficiency. The added turbocharger delivers extra horsepower, while the direct injection system heightens overall efficiency.


Turbocharging is what puts the 'boost' in EcoBoost. The turbocharger is a device that forces more air into the engine than it would normally receive. More air mixed with more fuel gives an engine additional horsepower.


The 'Eco' in EcoBoost comes from the direct injection system. The Turbocharger works in concert with a direct injection system that sends fuel into the engine. A direct injection system is more efficient because it doesn't use an intake tract to inject fuel into the engine. The less complicated the process, the more efficient an engine is.


Which Ford Models Offer EcoBoost Technology?


Almost every Ford model has an EcoBoost option available for customers in and around the Countryside, IL area. Models with Ford EcoBoost technology included are:



Westfield Ford has almost every EcoBoost equipped model in stock and ready for drivers in the Countryside, IL area to test-drive right now. Get in touch with our team through our website or by phone to receive additional information or set up a test drive.