Trucks vs. SUVs: Which is Right for Me?

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Whether you have a growing family or need a vehicle that can tow equipment for your next camping trip, there are two types of vehicles that are ideal for many different scenarios: SUVs and trucks. But which one is right for your specific needs? Our experts have put together a truck vs. SUV comparison to help you figure out which option makes most sense in your life.

No matter if you have your eye on one of our Ford trucks or Ford SUVs, we'll have the option you're looking for in our truck inventory and SUV inventory. Please don't hesitate to contact our Ford dealership in Countryside, IL by giving our team a call at (877) 470-0298 for more information.

 Silver Ford F-150 towing a large load of industrial pipes 


Depending on the model, both trucks and SUVs are excellent for towing, but the power you need depends on the activity or task at hand. In general, pickup trucks are better equipped for heavy-duty towing and hauling while SUVs can handle lighter weights. One advantage trucks have over SUVs is they have a box that can haul any number of items and equipment. Once you decide what your daily needs are, check out the table below, which details the maximum towing and payload capacities of all Ford trucks and SUVs.


Ford Truck Towing and Payload Capacity

Ford Truck

Max. Towing Capacity

Max. Payload Capacity


13,200 lbs.

3,270 lbs.

Super Duty

32,500 lbs.

7,630 lbs.


Ford SUV Towing Capacity

Ford SUV

Max. Towing Capacity


3,500 lbs.


3,500 lbs.


4,500 lbs.


5,000 lbs.


6,600 lbs.

 Interior of a 2017 Ford Escape 

Cargo Space

When it comes to cargo space, Ford SUVs give you more opportunity to utilize your space thanks to the varying range of SUV sizes. Ford trucks, on the other hand, may not be the best for those looking for additional interior cargo space. If you're not willing to compromise the best aspects of a pickup truck, then choose a SuperCrew or SuperCab Ford F-150 or Super Duty for maximum cargo options.


Ford SUV Cargo Capacities

Ford SUV

Max. Cargo Volume


68 cu. ft.


73.4 cu. ft.


83.2 cu. ft.


81.7 cu. ft.


130.8 cu. ft.

 Image of the interiors of Ford trucks and SUVs 

Interior Design

One of the major benefits of purchasing an SUV or a truck with a larger cab is more space for passengers. Ford F-150 and Super Duty pickup trucks equipped with the SuperCrew or SuperCab can seat up to six passengers. But if you're looking for even more seating opportunities, a Ford SUV is the ideal selection. Seating capacity in Ford SUVs ranges from five passengers in the Explorer to eight passengers in the Expedition.

If you're focused on interior design, you won't compromise quality if you choose one option over the other. Ford trucks and SUVs share many interior qualities, from amenities to the smallest design aspects. Available features include:

  • Leather-trimmed front bucket seats
  • 10-way power driver and front passenger seats
  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • Ambient lighting
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls
  • Fully load flat floor
  • Leather-wrapped gear shift knob
  • Ice Blue® instrument panel cluster lighting

Ford Truck & SUV Lineup

Have you finally come to a decision between Ford trucks vs. SUVs? Now it's time to select the exact model that will meet all of your needs. Explore the Ford SUVs and trucks available at our dealership in Countryside, IL.


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Ford SUV Lineup

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