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Do you know whether buying a new or used vehicle is best for your needs? Getting a new or new-to-you vehicle is an exciting milestone, but the new vs. used car debate leaves many drivers feeling confused about which route to take. Westfield Ford is here to help! We've put together the pros and cons of buying new and used to help you make the most informed decision possible.

Whatever decision you make, be sure to check out the new vehicle inventory and used vehicle inventory at our Ford dealership in Countryside, IL for model availability.


Benefits of Buying New

  • Depending on which trim package you select, you will get access to the newest and most advanced technologies.
  • Because you're the first driver of a new car, it is typically considered more reliable. Its reliability is also guaranteed by new car factory warranties.
  • Buying new means you'll be able to take advantage of specials and incentives.

Benefits of Buying Used

  • You won't take the huge hit of depreciation that new car buyers do.
  • Tax and insurance premiums are lower on used models.
  • Premium features can still be had at a lesser cost.

Disadvantages of Buying New

  • The price of a new car is typically much more expensive than if you bought the vehicle used.
  • Be prepared to pay much more in sales tax.
  • New vehicles are said to lose up to 20 percent of their value as soon as you drive off the lot.

Disadvantages of Buying Used

  • Although you can have the vehicle thoroughly inspected, its quality and reliability isn't guaranteed.
  • Unless your used vehicle is only a couple of years old, it won't come with a manufacturer warranty.
  • Buying used means you have fewer choices when it comes to specifics, like seating trim and paint color.

If you'd like Westfield Ford in Countryside, IL to help you settle the new vs. used car debate once and for all, contact our team by sending a message or calling (877) 470-0298 for more information.

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